Tuesday, 25 August 2009

When and when not to join the home business arena

As explained in the video below it’s very easy to get fast talked into the home business arena, however before you go sign up to an opportunity, you have to do your home work and find out specifically where you are in relation to skills and finances.

Most home business recruiters don’t take your personal circumstances into the equation, for most your just another $ in their downline.

In this post I want to explain that it’s not as easy as they make out.

First you need a solid education which luckily you are getting from viewing these tutorials second you really need to be in a place of positivity in your personal life.
So many would be marketers fail due to have a lack of education no support from an upline and also no recourses to tap into.

97% fail in this industry because they have just lost their job or are having a hard time financially and get talked into this industry with the promise of fast money, Whoo, think again, it takes time and investment to gain an online empire; there is no quick fix, no magic pill.

If your having trouble paying the Mortgage or bills then get employment to support your family, don’t join an online home business that will take at least a year to yield results, now don’t get me wrong this industry has brought me, my business partners and thousands of people vast amounts of success, I no longer have to work for anybody, and I would have never reached the financial goals that this industry has blessed upon me, if I was still working for someone else, but it will not be fast or easy.

Only get involved with this industry if you have the proper education and skills, your still supporting what needs to be supported and you have reserve capitol to play with.

Never listen to marketers that tell you “it’s so easy” it is not.

But if you have the drive as I did and my business partners did then the sky is the limit, I tell you that truly and so deep from my heart, I so want others to escape the rat race and empower themselves.

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