Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Invest in yourself

It seems to be the same old story with online home business ventures, a shrewd talking sales representative from some MLM company gets another sign up, no harm done if the new recruit knows how to network online and business build, but more than not, they don’t.

So the new recruit opens a few social media accounts and starts spamming the heck out of them trying to get people to view the company website or corporate presentation, every morning he or she will eagerly open the email and see if they have received a conformation mail thanking them for signing a new member, alas nothing.

As the weeks turn to months and the downline stays at two people, then one drops out, the dreams of quitting the day job starts to fade and the dreams of being very well off totally dashed, it’s time for another hopeful to join the 97% of network marketer that fail.


Its simple the successful invest in their education in network marketing they don’t even join a company until they have the right skill sets to do the job, we have forward thought, “why join something no matter how good it is if I don’t know what I’m doing”.

The problem is there are many unscrupulous recruiters out there that only care about getting another name on the board, like predators; luckily there are also a growing number of us that realize this business is all about helping each other, sharing information and passing on useful products that will benefit new marketers.

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