Monday, 31 August 2009

Cars Boats and gold bars WHY?

Every so often I sit down with a cup of tea and a digestive and surf one of the traffic exchanges I am with, this is not really for the traffic, it’s just to see what new stuff is kicking around in relation to capture pages and get a look at the site designs.

Now most of the capture pages I see are good, but there is an alarming amount of pages that have joined the glitz and glamour club, what I mean is pictures of gold bars, massive houses, boats even plains scattered all over the place, don’t they realize the majority of people that see these things scream scam and navigate away so fast it beggars belief.

Most of these images are clearly photo shopped, or are taken while the person was at the holiday hotels swimming pool. And as for gold bars who the hell has a stash of gold bars?

Does PayPal pay in gold bars now?

Even if a marketer was so successful that they have the luxury house and flash cars, why would I be interested in seeing it? What does that do for me? I would be more interested if they were up front with the business opp, and gave me a clear indication that if we teamed up they would teach me all I needed to know and truthfully told me the earning potential.

This kind of marketing only works if you have a marketing plan similar to The Rich Jerk (google him if you don't know).

Anyhow my digestive has just broken and fell into my tea,so I’m off to get another brew.

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