Monday, 31 August 2009

The Capture page

In marketing both offline and online the most important thing you need to have is a list of highly targeted leads, leads are people that have shown an interest in home business and are looking for services and other home business products.

But how do we as online marketers gain this must have information? How do we know who is looking for what?

That’s where the capture page comes in, a capture page or more commonly known as a squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing this information.

When people are looking for a home business they surf the net, look at video sites and seek out the perfect solution, your goal should be to make sure they find you and you direct them to your web site after they have got to know you better from your attraction content, they must ultimately end up on your capture page.

Your capture page should contain some sort of bait, such as video tutorials or a free eBook on home business, something they desire.

In return for the product, eBook, or whatever, they are prompted to enter their name and email address.

When they do they are sent to the item they wanted, and their information gets logged into your auto responder software.

You now have a targeted lead, you have the name and email in a databank for you to market to.

The lead is targeted due to them wanting content on home business, they are searching for a home business, if they were not they would never have bothered filling in the form, I don’t fill in forms to do with fishing, because I have no interest in fishing, if I did the company selling fishing rods would know I am looking to obtain a fishing rod, a few hours later I would receive a mail from them showing me their best deals, and further mails until I unsubscribed from their list, or got the rod, get the point here?

Cars Boats and gold bars WHY?

Every so often I sit down with a cup of tea and a digestive and surf one of the traffic exchanges I am with, this is not really for the traffic, it’s just to see what new stuff is kicking around in relation to capture pages and get a look at the site designs.

Now most of the capture pages I see are good, but there is an alarming amount of pages that have joined the glitz and glamour club, what I mean is pictures of gold bars, massive houses, boats even plains scattered all over the place, don’t they realize the majority of people that see these things scream scam and navigate away so fast it beggars belief.

Most of these images are clearly photo shopped, or are taken while the person was at the holiday hotels swimming pool. And as for gold bars who the hell has a stash of gold bars?

Does PayPal pay in gold bars now?

Even if a marketer was so successful that they have the luxury house and flash cars, why would I be interested in seeing it? What does that do for me? I would be more interested if they were up front with the business opp, and gave me a clear indication that if we teamed up they would teach me all I needed to know and truthfully told me the earning potential.

This kind of marketing only works if you have a marketing plan similar to The Rich Jerk (google him if you don't know).

Anyhow my digestive has just broken and fell into my tea,so I’m off to get another brew.

Content scrounging

I can’t see why people don’t make their own content for capture pages, I say this because it seems the moment somebody considered a big hitter in the network marketing business makes a video or audio interview, that is also tricky to find online, hoards of marketers download it and use this as bait for their squeeze page, “get access to *** ****s secret interview and learn why he makes $ a month”.

Now I don’t know about you but if the content of a capture page is not prepared by the owner of the page and it’s not giving really sound advice, then I don’t feel they have a good understanding of how this business works, you need to be branding yourself, getting people to realize YOU’RE the one with the know how to help them.

and get busy making your own, it will pay off.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Attraction marketing

Attraction is what draws people to you, it helped get you your first job, it helps create a relationship with a partner and in marketing it’s what makes people join your business.

Attraction marketing is a relatively new word in network marketing, its main concept is that you draw interested people into your circle, unlike the old school methods of bugging family and friends.

Today’s generation are fed up with being sold to, you get home ready to eat dinner with your family and the phone rings, it’s a telephone marketer banging on about some service you have no interest in what so ever, or on the television, you get about ten minutes quality viewing before the commercials come on and boy do they drag on, have you noticed they always seem a little louder than the real programs.

There is a store near where I live that sells clothing I won’t bother naming it, they do a roaring trade, why? Because they have created a friendly atmosphere and they don’t try to sell to you, nobody comes up and informs you “ that would look nice on you sir” and nobody is trying to overcome your objections about something you don’t want to buy, they do well because they concentrate on serving you not selling to you.

It’s a fact that people who are looking online for a home business opportunity do not care about the product, they don’t want some faceless person hiding behind his PC trying to sell to them, all people care about is what’s in it for them, how much money can I make, and who is the best person to join under, who can give me value and support. People look for people.

You need to be the person they are looking for and ultimately join.

The best way to begin your attraction marketing plan is to soak up knowledge on network marketing, soak up the info you get from this site, seek more info from others, view videos on marketing, and become an expert in the field of network marketing.

When you know what you’re talking about and can offer some good advice to people, begin to share that knowledge on video sites, video sites are probably the best way to use attraction marketing because you are showing your face, or you should be.

Use video to talk about network marketing principles offer tips and tricks that you have picked up. Be upbeat and ooze confidence, most of all be yourself.

Slowly you start to be seen as someone that can help people with business and people start to watch your content on a daily basis, waiting for your next video, they start to see you as someone that has accomplished things and want to get in contact with you.

Attraction marketing has lots more to it, but this is not the sole purpose of this blog, but I strongly suggest looking up attraction marketing and studying it further.

Network marketing is about people coming together and people only gravitate to people they like. take the dollar sign off your head and give them free advice no one likes a salesman anymore.

For a soup to nuts marketing tutorial see the links to good stuff and visit the downline builder.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Invest in yourself

It seems to be the same old story with online home business ventures, a shrewd talking sales representative from some MLM company gets another sign up, no harm done if the new recruit knows how to network online and business build, but more than not, they don’t.

So the new recruit opens a few social media accounts and starts spamming the heck out of them trying to get people to view the company website or corporate presentation, every morning he or she will eagerly open the email and see if they have received a conformation mail thanking them for signing a new member, alas nothing.

As the weeks turn to months and the downline stays at two people, then one drops out, the dreams of quitting the day job starts to fade and the dreams of being very well off totally dashed, it’s time for another hopeful to join the 97% of network marketer that fail.


Its simple the successful invest in their education in network marketing they don’t even join a company until they have the right skill sets to do the job, we have forward thought, “why join something no matter how good it is if I don’t know what I’m doing”.

The problem is there are many unscrupulous recruiters out there that only care about getting another name on the board, like predators; luckily there are also a growing number of us that realize this business is all about helping each other, sharing information and passing on useful products that will benefit new marketers.

Auto responder. Without one your playing at business.

Marketing studies show that a potential customer will need 5 to 7 exposures of a product or service before they make a buying decision. By following-up with your prospects and customers, you can amplify the likelihood of "closing the sale." Your prospect becomes a customer or your current customer buys from you again.

An auto responder is a powerful marketing and customer service tool. Customers opt-in to your list and become your subscribers, giving you permission to contact them via email. An auto responder will let you send follow-up emails on a regular basis, so it doesn't matter how many "follow-ups" your subscribers needs before they are ready to buy.

However, following-up requires you to keep track of who you've contacted and when. And keeping up with your follow-ups can be mind-numbing.

But if you are running your business on-line, the tool of choice to help you is an auto responder.

Auto responders give you the advantage of communicating with your prospects while building a relationship with them. You build brand awareness and build credibility, confidence, and trust. And the best part is that it's done automatically once you get your auto responder set up because auto responders work 24/7.

With auto responders you don't have to personally figure out who is and who isn't a good prospect. The auto responder will continue to send emails to your subscribers and if your subscriber chooses to unsubscribe, the auto responder will unsubscribe them for you. The responsibility lies with the subscriber, not with you.

Now Im not here to promote any brands but do your homework and find one that suits your needs.

Personalize messages with your subscriber's name and other information.

Send an unlimited number of e-mail messages.

Pre-load a series of messages to be sent out at predetermined intervals.
Broadcast a general message to your list.

If you’re not using an auto responder then you’re making hard work for yourself in your business and really a home business should be about avoiding hard work and making everything automatic.

Video marketing mistakes

When it comes to video marketing your main objective is to achieve attraction, it’s to offer sound marketing information and great content in order to entice the viewer to have the desire to find out additional information about you, more about your teachings and ultimately become a regular viewer of your videos and your personal web site.

However one mistake people are constantly making is producing videos that concentrate on promoting their business above and beyond attraction.

No one like to be sold to any more, people are being continuously bombarded with advertising in every medium possible, from mail In your door to the extra loud TV advertisements, even marketing calls as you try to enjoy time with your family, the last thing people want to see in a video site is someone selling their opportunity.

The opportunity should be sold on their website, because if you created a following of people from your videos and they have taken an interest in you, and subsequently visit your website, then they are looking for what you are doing, you not spamming video sites your obtaining attraction and becoming someone people want to work with.

As video sites become saturated they begin to tighten the rules, if you start using unethical means to promote your channel such as titles that have no relation to the video or descriptions that contain non relevant keywords, simply to attract untargeted views then you’re walking a fine line to suspension.

Why use the title “Company X is a scam” when you know it’s not and your video is promoting company X. Why have celebrity names and brand names in a mile long repetitive description when your video contains no relation to any of them.

Remember its attraction not deception your aiming for, what does a video full of spam say about you as a marketing leader?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

When and when not to join the home business arena

As explained in the video below it’s very easy to get fast talked into the home business arena, however before you go sign up to an opportunity, you have to do your home work and find out specifically where you are in relation to skills and finances.

Most home business recruiters don’t take your personal circumstances into the equation, for most your just another $ in their downline.

In this post I want to explain that it’s not as easy as they make out.

First you need a solid education which luckily you are getting from viewing these tutorials second you really need to be in a place of positivity in your personal life.
So many would be marketers fail due to have a lack of education no support from an upline and also no recourses to tap into.

97% fail in this industry because they have just lost their job or are having a hard time financially and get talked into this industry with the promise of fast money, Whoo, think again, it takes time and investment to gain an online empire; there is no quick fix, no magic pill.

If your having trouble paying the Mortgage or bills then get employment to support your family, don’t join an online home business that will take at least a year to yield results, now don’t get me wrong this industry has brought me, my business partners and thousands of people vast amounts of success, I no longer have to work for anybody, and I would have never reached the financial goals that this industry has blessed upon me, if I was still working for someone else, but it will not be fast or easy.

Only get involved with this industry if you have the proper education and skills, your still supporting what needs to be supported and you have reserve capitol to play with.

Never listen to marketers that tell you “it’s so easy” it is not.

But if you have the drive as I did and my business partners did then the sky is the limit, I tell you that truly and so deep from my heart, I so want others to escape the rat race and empower themselves.

For more info on M Breakspear visit my site PluggedIn