Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Video marketing mistakes

When it comes to video marketing your main objective is to achieve attraction, it’s to offer sound marketing information and great content in order to entice the viewer to have the desire to find out additional information about you, more about your teachings and ultimately become a regular viewer of your videos and your personal web site.

However one mistake people are constantly making is producing videos that concentrate on promoting their business above and beyond attraction.

No one like to be sold to any more, people are being continuously bombarded with advertising in every medium possible, from mail In your door to the extra loud TV advertisements, even marketing calls as you try to enjoy time with your family, the last thing people want to see in a video site is someone selling their opportunity.

The opportunity should be sold on their website, because if you created a following of people from your videos and they have taken an interest in you, and subsequently visit your website, then they are looking for what you are doing, you not spamming video sites your obtaining attraction and becoming someone people want to work with.

As video sites become saturated they begin to tighten the rules, if you start using unethical means to promote your channel such as titles that have no relation to the video or descriptions that contain non relevant keywords, simply to attract untargeted views then you’re walking a fine line to suspension.

Why use the title “Company X is a scam” when you know it’s not and your video is promoting company X. Why have celebrity names and brand names in a mile long repetitive description when your video contains no relation to any of them.

Remember its attraction not deception your aiming for, what does a video full of spam say about you as a marketing leader?

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